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Maasai Wedding

The marriage ceremony is one of the longest ceremonies in the Maasai community.


It begins by a man showing interest in a woman and giving her a chain, which is called an olpisiai. The word of this goes around and the family as well as the community waits for him to make his intention known. He does this by finding women his own age who will bring a gift of alcohol to the mother of the girl. This first stage is called Esirit Enkoshoke, and it indicates that the girl is now engaged.

After some time, the man plans to make his intentions clearer. He does this by presenting a gift of alcohol to the girl's father, which will be brought by the same women who brought the other gift of alcohol to the women earlier. This alcohol is called Enkiroret. The father of the intended bride drinks the alcohol with his brothers and friends and then summons the young man and asks him to declare his interest and point out the woman he wishes to marry. (This can often be a very interesting process because elders will pretend they do not know the girl who is being sought after.)

Once the family agrees to the man's request, both parties officially establish a relationship, which will eventually lead to the wedding.


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