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The maasai have been famous for their rich cultural heritage.Their age old traditions have been embedded into every aspect of their lives.From their housing,their mode of dressing to their diet,the maasai people have made every effort to ensure that the values and traditions held by their forefathers are retained in their day to day lives.

From the time a maasai child is born, their are introduced to their culture and tradition.This ensures that when they grow up,they will pass on what they have learned to their children.

The words that best describes the maasai culture are "beautiful" and "colorful".From the beadwork and jewellery adorned by maasai women, to the red ochre that decorates the braids of maasai warriors(morans), its easy to understand why the maasai community are hailed as one of the most popular tribes of Africa.

Delve into the beautiful world of the maasai and learn more about their colorful culture.


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