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09 August 2010 | Written by Administrator

Unlike in the west where the age of a person is determine by simply the day and year when someone was born, a Maasai manís age is determined by the period he undergoes circumcision.

Among the Maasai communities circumcision ceremonies takes place in large groups of about 15 to 100 and the people being circumcised together may have a two to five age difference. Depending on the age of a person, those who are circumcised first, will be classified as the right while those are circumcised late, they will be classified as the left. The group of Maasai who are for the right circumcision group are known as the Ilmanki, and the "left"- those circumcised later, are know as the Ilmaina. Each age-group kindles fire for the age-group, which is next, but one after them. For example, age-group "A" kindles fire for "C" or "B" kindles fire for "D" and so on.

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