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An Introduction Into East African Parks and Reserves

Kenya is a land with a rich and diverse people.There are over 40 different tribes spread out across the country.Most notably are the Maasai.Their culture and heritage make them Africa’s most popular community.

Apart from its people,Kenya is also blessed with majestic lands;beautiful wildlife and a serene climate.Every year millions of tourist make their way into the country to experience the best that these great nation has to offer.And for good reason ofcourse.What with the vast number of parks within its boundaries, amazing and diverse collection of wild animals and plants, stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery, its easy to understand why this country is so great.
For first timers and regular visitors, its always hard to decide which parks and reserves to visit and which ones to leave out since all of them are well worth the visit.

And what is the difference between National Parks and Reserves you may ask?
Well,National Parks are categories as being under the management of the KWS(Kenya Wildlife Service), while Reserves are managed by the local councils and tribes.Each Park and Reserve always has something that sets it apart from the rest.

Visitors to Kenya usually land in the capital city,Nairobi. The city prides itself as being the only one in the world to have a fully functional national park in the world:the NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK .The park is 30 minutes away from the city centre and offers guests who are strapped for time , an opportunity to enjoy and experience the beauty of the Kenyan wildlife.

Clearly the most popular park by a wide margin is the MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE. The park is made famous by  one of the “Great Wonders of the World” : The great wildebeest migration.This is an annual event usually between the months of September and October.Millions upon millions of wildebeest make their way into the Maasai mara from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania,in search of greener pastures.This great spectacle attracts predators like lions,cheetahs ,hyenas and vultures into the park.Guests from all over the world make their way into the park to catch a glimpse of this event.

is also another great attraction.Its home to the world highest free standing mountain: Mt Kilimanjaro.Its bald snow-capped peaks offer the perfect climbing opportunity of any mountain and adventure lovers.MOUNT KENYA NATIONAL PARK is also a great destination for hikers
Amboseli is also home to a large number of wild animals, most notably the elephant.The Amboseli national parks has one of the largest number of elephant herds in the world.The TSAVO EAST and TSAVO WEST national parks are also popular destinations for elephant lovers.

and MERU NATIONAL PARK  are well worth the visit if you are more into landscapes.With their rugged terrain and dense forests,they offer a great opportunity for landscape photography.There are also plenty of wildlife to spot in the parks.

is well known for its large herds of pik flamingoes and other bird species.Its hailed as a “bird watcher’s paradise”.Another popular bird lovers destination is SAMBURU NATIONAL RESERVE.



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