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Amboseli National Park


240 kilometers from the Capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, leads to the country’s second most popular parks; the Amboseli national park, in  the heart of the Rift valley province.


A typical drive through the Namanga road will take you about 4 hours by road while a flight on one of the light aircrafts that fly to the park will take you about half an hour.
The park is mostly covered by the savannah grassland and it stretches out to an area of 390 square kilometers. Its temperature falls between 20-30 c. The rainfall is modest, usually falling in the months of March-April (long rains) and November-December (short rains).The low rainfall allow for great game viewing opportunities.

The areas around the park are inhabited by different ethnic communities whose presence provides a taste of Kenya’s rich cultural diversity. Among them are the more popular community of the Maasai, well known for their colorful fashion, culture and traditions. In 2005, the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) handed over the management of the Amboseli to the Maasai. This therefore means that all proceeds to the park go into the noble cause of supporting this beautiful community.

The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife. This include buffalo, rhino, cheetahs, loins, leopards, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes as well as a host of over 600 bird species. Perhaps most notably, is the large herds of African Elephants that roam the park. With numbers of over 1500 elephants, Amboseli national park is the largest elephant conservatory. The park is so famous for its elephants; that world renowned researchers like Cynthia Moss carry out their works in the park

The Amboseli is also home to Africa’s highest mountain; Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain, standing at 5895 meters high, is a towering figure in and around the park. Bordering Tanzania and Kenya, the mountain is a life line to the flora and fauna co-existing in the park. The snow-capped peak melts into underground rivers that the feed into the numerous swamps and springs around the foot of the mountain.
Visitors can catch glimpse of this majestic mountain by way of game drives, or through the incredible hot air balloons. The morning sun rising in the back drop of the roof of Africa is definitely amazing to see.

Interesting activities in the pack include game drives, Bird watching, camping, photography and mountain viewing. For the more daring visitors, a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro is a well worthy challenge.


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