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Welcome to Mt.Kenya, Kenyaís highest mountain, rising to a height of 5199 meters.

The mountain has wide variety of bamboo, grassland, forest and bushy forests, all spread out through the mountain.

Mt.Kenya is divided into 3 peaks: Lenana (which is the easiest to climb), Nelion and finally the highest peak, Batian.

The mountain offers a challenging but well worthy climb. With the help of experienced mountain guides (usually from the local community) groups of guests make their long trek up the mountain. The journey to the top usually stretches to a period of 5 wonderful days.

Each morning, visitors awake to the beauty of the African sun, rising in the horizon. Their trek up the mountain is filled with spectacular scenery of vegetation and crystal clear springs. Wildlife is also abundant, and can be seen roaming around the mountainís forest. They range from buffaloes, lions, zebras, leopards, baboons, monkeys and many more.

But even in the midst of all this beauty, the ultimate prize has to definitely be the climb to the top. Having the satisfaction of conquering Mt. Kenya is a feeling like no other.

So go on, have a fun climb to the top!


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  • Mount Kenya safari club

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