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On behalf of the group of 6 people form Norway I would like to thank you and people in your company for making our hike and safari in Kenya a memory for life. We had fantastic days on Kilimanjaro and were lucky to have a full moon on our way to Uhuru Peak - and met the rising sun on the summit.

Date of Posting: 17 September 2010
Posted By: Carl, L, Trondheim
I am very pleased to write about my experience with my family and my extended family as well.

Our experience With Maasai.co.ke started with a single e-mail. The handling was professional with instantaneous communication around the clock utilizing all available tools like mobile phone, email, and instant messaging via BlackBerry. Trip itinerary was very clearly described and documented with meticulous attention to details and countless modifications with numerous excellent hotels choices to satisfy our evolving needs. Courteous reception at the airport was fantastic with an everlasting touch. Clean and spacious bus fitted with a CD player as per our wish. James was an excellent, quiet, and disciplined driver. The service and care were continuous throughout the trip with flexibility to meet our unexpected needs with minimum effort and price penalty on our side. All we had to do is relax and enjoy. It was a dream trip as my sister said afterward and unforgettable experience with warm and lasting relationship. Making the customer happy is number one priority at Maasai.co.ke as we see it. Trust, Trust, and Trust is name of the game.

Date of Posting: 10 August 2010
Posted By: Rafaat Zaini
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
"My father and I had been planning our dream trip to Africa - for quite some time. There was much to coordinate - as I was going to be coming from hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, and he going to be arriving from the US...and we needed to coordinate an itinerary that would allow us to meet in Kenya...and then embark on our long-standing dream of exploring the best of Africa's wildlife - in an environment that was safe, yet thrilling....non-touristic, yet accessible...and cost-effective, yet comprehensive.

The experienced crew at Maasai.co.ke fulfilled ALL of the requirements listed above - helping to answer all of our questions on the front end, accomodating for our ever-changing schedules, locking in deals with the best sites throughout the region, and providing us with a very REAL experience - which my father and I will look back on for the rest of our lives, as one of those "life-changing, TOP 5" type journeys.

So, if you're looking for a knowlegeable, responsive, accomodating tour operator...who can coordinate a "TOP 5" type journey for you...at a great value...go with Maasai!

Date of Posting: 30 June 2010
Posted By: Justin Oltz
Tampa, FL. USA

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