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Hi there. Do hope you are having a great time here at
The reason we started the USEFUL INFORMATION section was to give tips and offer helpful advice and content for our guests, that did not fall under the rest of the categories we have on the site.

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT KENYA offers an insight into the great country that is Kenya. From the people, to the wildlife, to the climate, to the people, the politics and even the infrastructure.

If you want to know about the park fees for the different national parks and reserves, then go to PARK FEES.

Undoubtedly, the wildebeest migration is the most popular natural phenomenon. And here at, we have a great article that we are sure you will enjoy. THE GREAT MIGRATION highlights this spectacular event, from the time the wildebeest begin their journey in the Serengeti plains, to the time they reach Maasai Mara, and finally, their journey back.

We also have an article on THE BIG FIVE. This are some of the most celebrated and popular wildlife. It is made up of the AFRICAN LION(hailed as the King of the Jungle) ,the AFRICAN ELEPHANT(the largest animal on land),the AFRICAN LEOPARD(which lives a quiet and solitary life), the AFRICAN RHINO and the AFRICAN BUFFALO.

You may be wondering what kind of wildlife is present in the Kenyan jungle. For that we have a special article titled ABOUT THE WILDLIFE, that seek to answer this very question.

Everybody enjoys a good laugh once in a while (I know I do).Read our FUNNY FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS article.

NAIROBI: THE CITY IN THE SUN tries to define more of what this great city is all about. Read about some of the features that make Nairobi such an awesome place to visit.

KILIMANJARO is the world’s highest free standing mountain. Its one of Africa’s hot spot for hikers and adventure lovers. Are you up for the challenge?

The KENYAN MAP and TANZANIAN MAP are two great pages to view if you are into maps, or simply want to view a map of Kenya or Tanzania.

The MAASAI MARA GAME REPORT, 2011 is a yearly report that highlights the latest happening in Kenya’s most poplar park. It’s well worth the read, so do check it out.

If you don’t want to be left behind when one of the world’s greatest wonders of the world takes place, then keep an eye on THE TIMINGS FOR THE WILDEBEEST MIGRATION.

As always, we do get plenty of questions from visitors to Kenya, both first timers and regulars. We have compiled the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT AFRICA. We hope you do find it useful. And if you do have some more questions, do contact us, we are ready to help you out.


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